How Many Hours A Month Can You Save With A Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker?

Losing things around the house, especially things you just had in your hand, can be a real pain. For the most part, it’s because your brain is focused on something else while your hand is putting something down and so it doesn’t register, mutli-taskers are probably the worst people when it comes to losing things too. But there are ways to tighten up your ship and cut back on the time you spend looking for your tape measure, keys, wallet, TV remote control, and other valuable items around the house. Plus, there is an end-to-the-entire-mess technology, that will amaze you as well.

Carpenters and Mechanics Have Problems With Certain Tools

When a skilled craftsman is concentrating on a particular task, sometimes they use a tool, then, while their brain’s total focus is on their work, their hand puts the tool aside on autopilot. Sometimes that autopilot sets the tape measure on top of the fridge or other times some other cozy place, but if the brain isn’t watching, it can’t find the tape measure again.

Things that you use constantly while working on something complicated are the most commonly misplaced tools. Razor cutters, tape measures, marking pencils, Teflon tape, pliers, and pens are the tools you’ll spend your whole life looking for. The best way to handle these items is buy something like a tool belt and then train your hand to always put the tool back in its place in the belt. This is a huge time saver since your hand, no matter what you’re concentrating on at the moment, can reach down, grab the tool, use it in a task, and replace it, over and over again. Just this one trick can save you hours per day searching for your favorite tools.

The Chipolo Tracker Is The “End All” Solution

The is a very thin little battery powered card that can be placed in or attached to almost anything you lose a lot. It fits nicely into a wallet or purse, and can be attached to your keys, stuck to the back of the TV remote or hooked onto a variety of other things.

Then, when you’re looking for your wallet, all you have to do is activate the 95 dB alarm and listen for it. If it’s within the range of 200 feet, it will be activated and you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for. You’ll need some kind of smartphone to make it work, but these days everyone has one of those. The Chipolo boasts the loudest alarm of any of these types of devices too.

 Another great solution to finding lost things that are far out of your own 200 foot range is to put the lost item into the Chipolo app online and then anyone in the Chipolo Community’s phone will activate your alarm as well.

Since the Chipolo is made from super high quality micro-components it’s very durable, the battery lasts for up to 6 months, and you can have several of them programmed into your phone if you commonly lose lots of things. While many of these types of trackers don’t have replaceable batteries, the Chipolo does which saves you from having to buy new ones over and over again. Just  finding one item a year pays for the small price of each one you buy.